The True Meaning Behind Jewellery

We connect jewellery to people, to memories, to places. 

Like your favourite perfume, jewellery takes you to a place in time where you felt happiness, love and appreciation. It takes you to a person and to their memory. 

Out of all the rare sentimental items we hold onto forever, jewellery is by far the most kept. 

Some jewellery pieces are passed down from generations and kept in the family until the end of time. There is a reason your grandmother’s wedding ring was kept and then given to you for your proposal. 

Jewellery isn’t just treasured because of the price tag or the person it belonged to, but because it is also associated with all of their happy memories. If your grandmother had a strong, happy marriage, it would make sense for her to then pass on her ring down to you for your future marriage. 

We buy jewellery in a clean slate. It has no meaning, no memories, no people connected to it. We are the ones who give it true meaning, who create the sacredness of each individual piece. Whether we gift it to ourselves at a certain point in our lives or gift it to someone else, the moment a piece is put on, it starts capturing memories and feelings of that time.

So much in life fades away as we age and move on but we can forever hold onto certain times, people and places with our favourite pieces of jewellery. 

A Personal Love Story

I was a happy child but always dreamed of bigger and beautiful things. I saw all of my favourite people that I had idolised at the time covered in the Tiffany & Co Heart Tag Bracelet. I adored this bracelet so much. I dreamed of owning it one day. 

I had begged my mother to buy it for me but it was not something she could ever afford so I just admired it from afar, for most of my early life. 

Fast forward, I finished high school, I got a job. I could now afford the Tiffany bracelet but I didn’t buy it. I didn’t want to buy it for myself. I dreamed that my soul mate would one day buy it for me and he would just know. I wanted him to create the meaning. 

So I continued to think about the bracelet from time to time and every time I saw it on someone, I felt nostalgia and longing. I wanted it - but I wanted the meaning behind it more…to me, it represented love. 

Fast forward, I met the love of my life in my mid 20’s. Our 1 year anniversary was coming up and he said he had got me something special. I remember being so excited and impatient because I didn’t know what it was. 

To my complete surprise, he gifted me the Tiffany & Co Heart Tag bracelet. We had only been together 1 year. He knew I thought highly of the brand but he did not know that I had dreamed of or wanted this exact bracelet. 

It was and still is one of the most special moments of my life. It meant so much more to me than he could have ever known or understood. He fulfilled my childhood fantasy. I will forever hold onto this bracelet and keep it close to my heart.

This is what inspired me to start my own jewellery business. I didn’t want to just have a business. I wanted to create a meaning. I wanted to produce quality products that I know will be kept and treasured for lifetimes to come. It brings so much happiness to my soul to know that I am creating products with such purpose and meaning. 

I do this from the bottom of my heart and hope my pieces will be given and received with love. We have enough mediocre things in life and love is not one of them, so live your life with love and purpose. 


  • Chelsea

    This truly touched me. I never looked at it like that. It’s honestly made jewellery so much more important to me now!

  • Tracey

    what a beautiful story. thank you for sharing. i still have my mother’s ring and will pass onto my daughter.

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