About us


Jewellery has always been something so sacred and close to my heart. 

Growing up, I used to get so excited picking the pieces I wanted to wear. The whole experience felt so special and each time I wanted to wear a different piece, it felt like I was in a jewellery store. Jewellery has brought so much joy to me throughout my life and has always been my most favourite gift to give and receive. 

Having grown up with this love and passion for jewellery and diamonds, I knew my perfectionism would become my best ally and I decided to start my own jewellery brand here in the heart of Melbourne, Australia.

Passion, Quality and Luxury: I wanted to offer a jewellery collection designed to capture the desire of women who love to be noticed and wear precious items that showcase their style, class and personality.


Pink Scarlett is inspired by class, elegance and simplicity with a touch of luxury. Pink Scarlett has blossomed into a brand that has carved itself a proud position in the boutique jewellery world. We are a small business but one that is proud to provide top quality fine jewellery to thousands of people across Australia and beyond!

Pink Scarlett prides themselves in their customer service and believes that true luxury lies not only in what you purchase but in how you are treated and made to feel during that purchase. We want your experience with Pink Scarlett to feel like you are shopping at Tiffany’s but with Pandora’s price tag. There is enough mediocre in life. We believe that you deserve the best - the best jewellery, the best service and the best experience. 

We want you to feel our passion through our jewellery because it is all designed and delivered with the utmost love and care. In return, we hope our pieces can empower you to take a leap of faith and turn your own passions into a reality.
Our customers are our brand, and we just want you to stand out from the crowd with our exclusive designs.